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European PET film prices stabilize

After two years of steady decline, the European price of 12-micron biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film is finally stabilizing, according to PCI Films Consulting Ltd. Prices may fall slightly in the third quarter of 2013 but “future price movements in either direction are not expected to be significant” because of squeezed film producer margins, stable raw material costs and excess extrusion capacity, according to the Guilsborough, England-based consultancy. However, producers …Read More

Taiwanese PVC offers raised

A major Taiwanese producer announced new July PVC prices yesterday with increases to both China and India. Players reported that the new PVC prices are $30-40/ton above the June done deal level for Asian origins offered to China. Prices to India were reported to be $10-30/ton above the most recent deals for Taiwanese cargoes. Some players pointed to higher VCM prices as a background for the higher PVC offers for …Read More